Cat Hammock - MichiganMart
Cat Hammock - MichiganMart
Cat Hammock - MichiganMart

Cat Hammock

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You can free space in your home and have a satisfied kitty with our cute Under Chair Cat Hammock!

cat hammock

  • A cat hammock that perfectly fits under virtually any chair.
  • Perfect place for your cat to hide and relax.
  • Discreet cat bed for a clean home and your cat will love you.
  • Nonslip design.
  • Machine washable.

Product Features

  • Cats or some other small pets naturally love to hide in covered spaces, so this hammock is an ideal option for them to hide under a chair while saving you that extra floor space. It allows you to adjust the length, easy to use, easy to clean.
  • Role: You can use it as a bed or swing, for your lovely cats.
  • Good for: cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, small animals.
  • Fabric: Cotton Flannelette.
  • Package: pet hammock*1

Product Size

1. S: 85g ; 37 cm * 37 cm / 14.57 in * 14.57 in
2. L: 117g; 48 cm * 48 cm / 18.90 in * 18.90 in