Tetris Puzzle for Baby Kids

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🎁Wooden Tetris Puzzle

💝These customized "Tetris Puzzle - thinking toys for kids" are a MUST! Designed with high quality material! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


  • Eight color recognition, multiple geometry recognition. Simple color and shape recognition can be taught to babies aged 0-3.

  • Natural and healthy basswood with high quality and smooth surface. Its texture is dense and hard, resistant to falling, not easy to crack and delicate.

  • The simple design and bright colors are perfect for sparking any imagination, and it feels great to challenge kids with this tangram jigsaw puzzle but also to just take on an easy challenge that you can complete differently every time. Perfect for times when you or your child just need to calm down or relax.

  • The arrangement, joint, ring and symmetry of Russian building blocks are good for children's intelligence. It can Help children develop their imagination and creativity.

  • Hand polished, round corners. 360 ° smooth without fine marks can protect children's hands.


    • Material : Linden wood

    • Size : 28*18*0.6cm / 11.0*7.1*0.2 in

    • Weigh : 0.2kg

    • Product composition : 40 pcs with a reasonable sized board ( Length: 10.6" Width: 7 " Height: 0.39")

    How to use

    • Wooden Toys Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle Game have several examples for shapes and things to make with it, each time you mixed up the pieces the puzzle would come out differently. such as pistol, human, robot, tree, umbrella, flower, pyramid, airplane and etc.